“We have to be continually jumping off cliffs and developing wings on the way down.”
I wasn’t really ever scared of doing my first yoga teacher training. I was super excited! For the first time I found something that I LOVED to do. I went to college for two years. After changing my major 4 times I decided to give up the college thing until I figured it out.

But thats the thing I realized. We never really “figure” it out. You just have to jump. Find what you love and JUMP! And in the process of spreading your wings you learn the lessons. Things will come into your path because of the decisions you make. People places and things will surround you and every choice you make will take you on to the next place. Each time you jump- you grow.

My jump was when I when gave up my part time bartending job to full time yoga teacher after three years. I was terrified. That was my main source of income. How was I ever going to make it? How many hot yoga classes could I teach without turning into a puddle? But ya know what?

I did. Yeah it was hard. But it opened up doors that opened doors that brought me to where I am today. Had I never made that decision I could still be in limbo. That lesson taught me what I tell everyone who wants to listen- follow your heart. What if you couldn’t fail? If money wasn’t an worry? Or if you didn’t care what others had to say? What would you do? THAT is what is meant for you. Go start that!

You don’t always have to KNOW the outcome. If you love something, if it makes you feel alive, part of something bigger than yourself – just go. START. However and wherever you are. Let the universe work out the details. The path will reveal itself. Just move with what makes your heart beat.

-Kelly Green

Kelly Green is the director of teacher training of The Yoga Joint and the co-creator of Hot Fusion Flow™. For more information about Kelly check out her Biography.

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