With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I can’t help but remember how from a very early age I began to dread the inevitable disappointment I’d feel around the holiday. In school, you could buy little presents for the one you had heart eyes for and have them delivered in class. It was humiliating for those who no one ever loved. On the outside, we would all act cool, but on the inside, it tore away at us, and we slowly began collecting “I’m not good enough” affirmations, socially conditioning our young hearts.

I also came from a split home, so as I grew into an immature adult and had one failed relationship after another my affirmations got bigger and louder. They turned from “I’m not good enough” into “relationships don’t ever work out. I’ll be alone and take care of myself forever.”

Then I found yoga and started along my Spiritual Path. As a result of walking this path for many years, I chipped away at the fearful affirmations and replaced them with love. You see that’s the thing, we can only either be in thoughts of fear or love. We might think, “I don’t feel afraid of anything, that’s is a fact.”

FALSE. The fact is you built a story to help you put a wall up to protect your fear. My fear was that I’d never feel loved. I just didn’t know it.

And then it started to happen. I became aware of my fear, and I started to love myself again. That way I did before life taught me the illusion of otherwise. And as I started to meet myself in a space of love the universe met me there as well. My time came when I decided to show up for myself.

What are you afraid of? How much longer are you willing to let your fear keep you from finding love.

-Kelly Green

Kelly Green is the director of teacher training of The Yoga Joint and the co-creator of Hot Fusion Flow™. For more information about Kelly check out her Biography.

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