Forget the South Florida bar scene. The Yoga Joint has another option for a more invigorating time out. Come to one of our Live DJ classes!

Grab some friends, or come alone for a completely new experience. In our heated studio, you’ll be surrounded by bodies, bending and stretching in unison to a blend of energetic dance music and hip-hop, all spun live right in our studio by some of the best local DJs. Our teachers will inspire and guide you as you groove through the flow. They may even provide glow sticks and temporary tattoos to add to the upbeat, lighthearted vibe!

Better than the club, our Live DJ classes will give you a natural high. Picture your best night (or day) out, but instead of getting a hangover afterward, you’ll leave knowing you did your body a favor. You won’t be putting toxins in. You’ll be twisting them out.

Our yogis can enjoy this experience at no extra cost. Simply use your existing class package, membership, or purchase a single class. Pre-register by downloading our app or signing up online. Last minute? We’ll check you in when you get here, and don’t forget we have mat and towel rental, apparel and drinks for purchase.

Here’s our current Live DJ Class Schedule:

Saturday July 22nd 5pm with Paige Held at our North Studio

Sunday July 23rd 5pm with Molly Weintraub at our South Studio

Monday August 7th 4:30pm with Kelly Green at North

Wednesday August 23rd 6:15pm with Jessica Steinlauf at North

Sunday September 3rd 10:15am with Kym Klein at North

Thursday September 14th 7:45pm with Jeff Benet at North