What is the last day of classes?

Saturday, September 21st

How long will the studio be closed?

The renovation is scheduled to take 9 weeks, but this is an estimate. As with any construction, we have to expect the unexpected.

Why are you renovating?

As the Premier Yoga Studio in South Florida, Yoga Joint leads the way in setting the standard for delivering the highest quality teachers, facilities and staff. Our North location was our first studio, opening in 2010, we are reinvesting in our studio and our students to continue delivering on this commitment of excellence.

Where will I practice Yoga?

We have four locations: Downtown, Deerfield, West Boca and Davie where SHIFT will continue to happen.

What happens with my membership?

If you have a Premium Membership or a Class Package you will continue to be able to use any of our locations. If you have a Basic Membership, we will temporarily transfer your membership to whichever location you would like to attend during the time we’re closed (you will be able to use this location only).

I’m too far from any of the other studios, what do I do?

Our Downtown studio is 5 miles from the North location to the South and Deerfield, to the North, is just under 10 miles away. During the renovation, we will have a full calendar of special events and community classes that will be available free of charge to any YJ member. The full schedule will be available on our app, please stay tuned.

I want to cancel my membership while you’re closed.

We highly value our loyal YJ members, if none of our other locations are convenient for you, we would highly recommend suspending your membership rather than terminating. When we reopen, the price for new memberships will be at the same rate as our other new locations. If you suspend your membership, you will be locked in at your current rate; if you terminate your membership and choose to return after we reopen, it would be at the new rate.

What will happen to my favorite teachers?

We will have the same amazing teachers you know and love when we reopen (and maybe a few new faces), in the meantime check our app to see where they’ll be subbing while we’re renovating.