As we flow into this wonderful gift giving season, staying on track with our monkey minds can often be a challenge. Obviously, stepping onto our mat on a daily basis is an ideal way to beat the holiday madness. However, the moment we step outside of the studio we are sucked right into society’s annual shopping frenzy. In a realm of so many choices, high prices, delayed shipping, and negative bank accounts, our annual holiday cheer can flip flop straight into the pits of stress and an indecisive mind, so we often end up reciting “the struggle is real” as our intention on the mat.

Here at the Yoga Joint, we decided to make things a bit easier for our awesome tribe of holiday yogi shoppers. Imagine doing a set of pumping warriors with ALL of your holiday shopping already done… on time! Check out my suggested gifts that are sure to please any yogi on your holiday shopping list. It’s like winning the Olympics – your welcOMe.
(1) MANDUKA: aka; “magic carpet”, “field of infinite possibilities.” This eco-friendly mat is thicker than most by about 1/4 inch, so the softer surface is like butta on the knees! Plus, having dual surfaces provides incredible stability on any flooring, total fav!

(2) FIFTY/FIFTY ICY HOT HYDRATION: Nothing is more amazing than having this 40oz of ice cold, vacuum sealed, goodness and magic by your side during a sweaty yoga sesh. Because let’s be honest, that plastic bottle of cold water you brought in evaporated during the warm up flow.

(3) TEEKI: Made in the good ol’ U.S. Of Asana. All TEEKI apparel is made from 100% recycled materials, total score in reminding ourselves that we can be super chic environmentalists. In a packed YJ room, give your neighboring yogi a cool printed visual to “look up and lengthen” at while in wide legging fold.

(4) SPIRITUAL GANGSTER TEE’S: Wearable mantras. #TRENDALERT! The company’s label speaks for itself. Best gang sign is a peace sign.

(5) YOGITOES: Total necessity. Try practicing without a yogitoes on a slippery mat and you start to feel like Bambi on ice! Thankfully your teacher comes to your rescue and throws you a lifesaver, a yogitoes. Yep, yoga teachers save lives, but so can these towels man.

(6) ACURE: We’ve all done it. Showering at YJ and taking a huge Ujjayi sniff of our ACURE body wash for that, “this smells awesome” moment. Double the pleasure and take this high quality, all natural, certified organic product home with you too! #stockingstuffer

(7) ALO: Ah yes, for the lil fashionista in us all. Looking good in curve-hugging Goddess pants can be pricey, but our 25% off sale just saved the day.

(8) ONZIE: When you are deep in your hot fusion flow, your jam comes on, and it’s yogis choice, take a moment to daydream of that experience. We’ll wait. Pretty awesome, right? Killer moment for us all. But, as a woman, what might not be is when you release more than an exhale from the top you are wearing. ONZIE tops have these creative yet super supportive straps that keep all the right things in the right places.

(9) lululemon BAG: That smelly, disheveled, kinda rolled – but not really – more like folded and twisted mat you came in with can hurt more than our eyes and nostrils. Give your magic carpet the care it deserves, carry it humbly rolled in lululemon bag and mist it daily with our UBO organically mat spray. Our eyes, nostrils and hearts say thank you.

(10) YJ GIFT CARD FOR CLASS PACKAGES: We saved the best for last. Yoga! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Have a happy and healthy holiday season yogis! See you on the mat with a clear mind, solid purchasing power and gifted heart.