Kayla Butler

Kayla Butler Kayla B.
Kayla B.

Kayla Butler began her yoga journey with an injury; one that would limit not only physical range of motion but also force Kayla to slow everything down about her fast paced life. Working a minimum wage job while trying to stay afloat academically in the midst of confusion and anger with her outcomes, yoga was the perfect intervention in a life seemingly going nowhere fast. It began strictly as a physical practice to increase range of motion and improve flexibility but quickly developed into a love affair as yoga began to open up places in her body and spirit that were closed. As Kayla became fully enveloped in the world of yoga and comfortable in her physical body, she began to share her practice with others. Through sharing on social media she began to realize all of the common misconceptions around yoga practitioners. A passion developed within Kayla to decolonize those ideas around who practices yoga and the body type associated with the practice. She shared the strengthening of her spirit from frustration with falling to a newly manifested faith in her yoga practice; those who followed were able to witness the growth and invite the practice into their own lives. Kayla served not only as motivation to herself but to others who sought to channel their own inner light and love. She began to live out dreams and connect with beautiful people from all walks of life.

Yoga has been my saving grace and it honestly has connected me with so many beautiful people. It’s a blessing to inspire and to have the opportunity to teach people how to reconnect with themselves. I received my 200 HR Training from Yoga Journey with Leslie Glickman and it absolutely changed my life. I’m so happy to be part of the Yoga Joint team and the greater community all across our beautiful South Florida community.