Jessica Chin Fong

Jessica Chin Fong Jessica F.
Jessica F.

Take Tonny Robbins (catalyst-motivational speaker), Penelope Cruz, (bold, Spanish actress), and Seane Corn (alignment-based yogi), put them in a blender, sprinkle some sugar and you will get Jessica.

Her classes are fun, inspirational and full of heart. Her soothing voice will make you relax but don’t be fooled, you may find yourself happily persuaded into trying (and getting) that pose you once thought was impossible. But don’t be afraid to invite your beginner friends because she offers options to accommodate yogis of all levels.

The most important thing for Jessica is that her students have fun, everything else; the self-discovery, the lessons, and the breakthroughs will come in time.

Jessica’s passion for yoga was recognized by Lululemon Athletica when she was invited to be an Ambassador for their brand.

When not teaching yoga, Jessica enjoys drinking Matcha, working out and designing visual stories for a variety of local brands.

Instagram: @jess_chinfong