Jeffrey A. Benet

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Jeffrey B.

Jeffrey Benet was CEO of one of the largest wheel and tire distributors in the country. Managing a successful company of this statue brought a heavy load of stress into his life. It was at a time when his stress was peaking that he discovered Yoga. He soon realized all the benefits of yoga after attending a few sessions. Not only did it alleviate his stress, but also helped him build strength and gain complete mental clarity.

As the years progressed, Jeffrey found a new burning passion for Yoga and would spend all of his leisure time practicing and studying the art of it. This lead him to being an expert on the craft on nearly all levels. After selling his business, he finally had an opportunity to pursue what he loved most and became a full-time yoga instructor.

Jeffrey Benet uses everything in his arsenal to ensure that you maximize your strength and reach mental clarity. This includes strategic transitions between poses, customized playlist to motivate and using his overall guidance to ensure that you’re using perfect form. Come check out a class with Jeffrey and reach your full potential!

Instagram: @jeffreybenet