Hayley Stricker

Hayley Stricker Hayley S.
Hayley S.

Hayley took her first yoga class in 2011 due to debilitating anxiety and depression. Yoga was her last resort that slowly changed her life on every level: mentally, physically, and spiritually. This inspired her to earn her 200 RYT and yin certification with Lizzy Hoffman. She has continued to learn by completing the Advanced Empower Movement training with Paige Held and Kelly Green. Hayley’s goal is to inspire others  to become more mindful so that they may find liberation from any suffering they are experiencing. Her class is all levels and she urges students to focus on moving gracefully with intention and the breath, transforming the practice into a moving meditation. Above all she loves to laugh and encourages her students to keep a positive and light mindset.

Instagram: @hay_yogi