David Campbell

David Campbell David C.
David C.

Jacksonville born and raised. David bounced around the country after college for 10 years before finally moving back to his hometown. Though he lived in many places and worked in various creative fields he still felt there was something missing. He’d always been active and has a background in competitive swimming and gymnastics. However, with the whirlwind of where life can lead, he found himself inactive, unhappy and tired.
David’s yoga journey started like so many others’. He HATED his first class. Six months later a friend tricked him into doing his second yoga class (a hot class); he didn’t try yoga for two years after that!

David decided to give it another shot and found a Baptiste-styled yoga studio. This style was intriguing because they included some playfulness into your own practice by allowing arm balances or various expressions of a pose, it wasn’t as rigid and militant as other studios. David was hooked. Yoga became more than a work out it became a way out; his pause button on life.
He moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 2015 and found Yoga Joint shortly after and thought “I’m home!”
He fell in love with the YJ FusionFlow and decided, quickly, this is where he wanted to teach. You can expect David’s classes to encourage you to be playful and try new things in your body while being mindful of your thoughts and alignment. Allowing you to leave feeling challenged, open, and better than you felt when you walked in.