Courtney Mitchell

Courtney Mitchell Courtney M.
Courtney M.

Courtney is the founder of nonprofit organization Palm Beach VegFest. She became vegan and started a regular yoga practice in April 2013, after reading “Skinny Bitch” and “Forks Over Knives”. Courtney completed 200 YTT in 2014 and +300 YTT in 2017. She resigned from her position as an elementary school teacher in 2015, and transitioned into a full-time yoga career.

When she’s not teaching or producing events, you can find her on her mat or at the beach. Her yoga practice taught her that “Ahimsa”, non-harming, is something we can apply to ALL areas of our lives, starting with the way we eat. She has traveled to Europe, the UK, Costa Rica, Bali, and all over the US, and intends to visit Fiji next!