Brooke Diaz

Brooke Diaz Brooke D.
Brooke D.

Brooke’s journey with yoga began in middle school through a self-taught practice. As she grew older she began taking classes at various studios until she discovered Hot Yoga; instantly falling in love with every aspect of the practice. After finishing her sophomore year of college in 2012 she became a certified Hot Yoga teacher through The Barkan Method Hot Yoga. She immediately returned to Tallahassee teaching to a variety of fellow college students, athletes, and locals in the community. After teaching at Hot Yoga Tallahassee for 2 years she graduated with ambitions to explore the world. During her travels she completed a Vinyasa teacher training with Global Yoga Teacher, Shiva Rea in Santorini, Greece. After teaching in America, Europe, and Australia, Brooke has learned that yoga is a universal language of self-love and discovery and her goal is to help her students dive deeper into their own mind, body, and souls. She strongly incorporates the physical and mental benefits of each posture in her classes to encourage her students to move with purpose through a fun and playful experience. Whether the student is brand new or has a decades long practice, she feels that each time we unroll the yoga mat we discover something knew about ourselves. Expect Brooke to bring her personality and teach with genuine care and passion. It will equally be a workout as it is a work in.

Instagram: @brooke_diaz