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Empower Movement™ Shift Series

Program Information

Empower Movement™ is a Hot Fusion Flow™ Advanced Training Program open to students from all schools and yoga traditions. The emphasis of this training is to offer practitioners and Registered Yoga Teachers an opportunity to improve their personal practice. During the training, participants will also refine their teaching skills by learning techniques on how to instruct and spot intermediate and advanced poses and by learning how to teach their own workshops.

All training is being held at our Davie location

April, July, January & October


8192 West State Road 84
Davie, FL 33324




Our January training is led by top teacher David Campbell. David teaches at multiple locations and has assisted Kelly Green in workshops and training, experiencing firsthand how to become an active leader in this community. He hopes to continue dedicating his life to teaching and sharing yoga as a way to empower the mind, body, and soul. David is a special gift to this community whose passion for yoga is palpable. The SHIFT is real.


Our April Empower Movement™ is led by its creator Kelly Green- ‘teacher of teachers. Whether you want to advance your teaching skills, learn how to guide your own workshops, dive into a deeper understanding of yourself, learn the methodology of more intricate sequences and postures, gain CEU’s, or simply are looking to create a shift in your life- this series is for you. Kelly has been teaching this training since 2009 worldwide. She is known for her unique gift to prove the impossible possible and help students understand the “why” behind what they are doing. Get ready to create a radical SHIFT in your life physically mentally and spiritually.


Our July training is led by a top teacher, Daniel Novoa. Inspired by Kelly Green in his youth, Daniel’s journey of Yoga has taken him around the world where he has studied under a variety of teachers in an assortment of disciplines. Prior to becoming a part of the Shift at Yoga Joint, Daniel led his own teacher training in Indonesia. Fusion Flow was the catalyst for his expansion and the grounding force that drew him to Yoga Joint. He hopes to inspire others to elevate their own practice, and recognize that strength isn’t something to cultivate; but something that lies dormant within us, waiting to be unveiled. The Yoga practice is never about what we can DO physically, but it is always about how we can BE on the journey to doing. Prepare to SHIFT and be empowered.


Our October training is led by long-time Yoga Joint student and top teacher Justin Liebman. Justin has developed his physical practice through growth opportunities like the Empower Movement workshop series. He has attended the Empower Movement on five occasions. Twice as a student and three other times as an assistant to Kelly Green. He has a passion for teaching inversions and arm balances, but also the subtler aspects of yoga, like meditation, pranayama, philosophy. This training is designed to provide the tools to grow your asana practice, but also give confidence to teachers to introduce advanced postures into their classes. The blend of physical training, subtle practices, and philosophical concepts is a comprehensive approach to grow your practice or improve your teaching skills. We are so lucky to have Justin on the SHIFT team.


Registered Yoga Teachers will obtain 27.5 CE Contact Hours upon completion

Investment & Commitment

Early Registration: $825

Registration: $925

Because we’re looking for serious and committed students only, we have a no refund policy. Your payment is non-refundable, non-transferable and required to reserve a spot.

Enrollment Process

  1. Apply to Empower Movement™ by submitting the open enrollment application.
  2. Complete full payment to reserve your spot.
  3. After payment is made, you will receive an email with instructions on your next steps.


Training Schedule Commitment:

Intensive Training Date Options
Thursday— Sunday

April 2021: 22nd – 25th (Intensive)

Weekend Training Date Options
Saturday — Sunday 8 am — 4 pm

January 2021: 15th — 16th and 22nd — 23rd (Weekends)

July 17th-18th and 24th-25th 2021

October 16th — 17th and 23rd —24th

In order to get signed up, we’d like to gather some details from you!

*Sample Schedule

One Daily Yoga Class Included
Guided 60 minute Hot Fusion Flow™ yoga practice which will include all the yogi choice options to practice the asana variations you have learned. As always, receive expert guidance and a spiritual message. This will give you the opportunity to feel the essence of the flow in your own body and understand where to “stay or play”. You can take this class at any studio at any time each day while you are not in the course.  
We suggest taking a morning class so you have plenty of time to eat, shower, and change. 

9:15 am — 11:45 am
Morning Break/Snack/Early Lunch
(Opportunity to shower and or change into dry clothes, etc)

11:45 am — 1:45 pm
Bringing The Hot Fusion Flow™ Practice to Life/ Group Connection/ Meditation
In this portion of the day we will cover all the individual Intermediate/Advanced variations of the poses, “The Yogi Choices”, in The Hot Fusion Flow™ sequence. You will engage in an in-depth clinic-style discussion to analyze and learn how to teach and practice these challenging poses. Learn how to artfully deliver advanced hands-on adjustments; effortlessly guide your students by using your powerful voice; and how to hone-in your observation capabilities to craft a vibrant soulful experience.

1:45 pm 
2 pm — 4 pm
Specialty in-depth 2 hour experiential Workshops/ Cool Down/ Meditation

* This is only a sample schedule and subject to change per Yoga Joint.


Do I have to be certified with Yoga Joint to take Empower Movement?

No. Anyone can do this training. However, if you are a yoga teacher, you will get CEU’s as we are a Yoga Alliance Registered School.

Do I have to have my 200HR to take Empower Movement?

No. This series is meant for all yogis to evolve in the endeavor of the yogic path. Everyone gets a certificate of completion that can be used for Yoga Alliance if/when ready.

Do you need to be at a certain level to take this series?

No. This program is how you learn to take your practice to the next level. Even if you sit and watch the classes you will take so much information for your yoga toolbox with you.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes. However, you must be paid in full by the start of the training.

Can I take just one class or day in the course?

Yes. Although, if you take one day, you will want to take the entire series! We strongly recommend you do the entire training since each class is meant to lead to the next. You will not receive a manual or certificate, but you can do one class or day.