I was doing a phone interview for a local health and wellness magazine over the weekend and was asked the question … “What would you tell your younger self?” This is not the first time I’ve been asked this question over the years, but until now I never really knew exactly how to reply. My wholehearted answer would be … “Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. That is where you grow and evolve the most.”

For me, the biggest problem with this concept is I absolutely hate to get uncomfortable! I literally want to crawl into a hole and never come out. But of course I realized that this is not really an option considering my husband, children, friends, and businesses would probably miss me, and regardless of how much I dislike uncomfortable situations, giving up has never been my strong suit either. So I decided to dive deeper into why awkward situations make me squirm. I mean considering I am a mom, wife, yoga teacher and team leader of my company, I should be ok with getting uncomfortable because it’s pretty much a part of my daily life. Part of this process involves a few mental exercises that help me create the connections between my thoughts to start to find answers to the questions I’m seeking.

One of these tools I’ve been using is to ask the universe and God, “Why am I so uncomfortable with getting uncomfortable?” A few things have come to me in my quest. As a mother, I’m constantly trying to make sure my kids are comfortable. The second they start to cry, have tantrums, or want/need something I’m literally there helping them shift out of their uncomfortable space. Sometimes I just pacify the situation because I don’t want to deal (I know that’s terrible, but I also know all the parents reading this can relate). Or more likely I do this most of the time because it breaks my heart to watch them in that state. As I was reflecting the things I do to make sure they are never uncomfortable, I got to thinking of my own childhood … I asked my parents about how it was when I was little. When I cried and went through tough times how did they react? They both said of course from the time you and your brothers were born we did everything to keep you safe and comfortable, that was our job!

Bam… that’s it! My Mom and Dad always wanted to keep me comfortable and protect me (thank God) but what happened was I learned at a young age to run away from those feeling as if they were bad. Therefore, when I or anyone around me is struggling I immediately go into this mode of making it better. I am finally seeing that this is not helping anyone, not me, my kids, not anyone! That’s the thing, when we label something in our minds that’s what we ingrain in us, and that’s what we create.

Now as an adult I have learned through my yoga practice that the real lessons, growth, and evolution come out of that space when I want to walk away and don’t. When I want to throw in the towel, and I don’t. When I want to scream, cry, maybe even punch someone, and I don’t. Now, I am working on being open to what the universe it showing me even if in my mind it is disguised as uncomfortable. Now, when those feeling arise I understand them, thus allowing me to navigate through them with my mentor, not my tormentor. I am no longer afraid, and that is just amazing!

-Paige Held

Paige Held is the co-owner of The Yoga Joint and the co-creator of Hot Fusion Flow™. For more information about Paige check out her Biography.

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