One of our core company values is: EMBRACE CHANGE. We’re always seeking new ways to expand, and to offer the widest possible variety of services, products, and especially classes to our community. We feel that when we can do that, we’re giving our beloved yogis more chances to expand their practices and their consciousness, so that they can come to happily embrace the inevitable changes in their lives outside the studio doors.

We are beyond excited to announce that beginning Tuesday, May 9th, our North studio is offering Core60 taught by North Studio Manager Kym Klein!

Kym explains that “Core60 is, in essence, Hot Pilates. It’s a mat based class (just like yoga), and it’s tailored to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) focused on various Pilates positions. This type of work-out is made to improve your metabolism, burn more fat, increase your endurance, and build strength.” It’s called Core60 because the class will focus on strengthening your core, and it lasts for 60 minutes, from 9:30am to 10:30am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

“Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. The practice was initially adopted by professional dancers in the US, and now the latest trend is Hot Pilates,” Kym says, and just like in yoga “the heat creates a platform for you to sweat away your troubles and build immense strength.” All forms of exercise have amazing mental health benefits too, and workouts like Core60 can sometimes dramatically ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression in many people.

Kym describes her new class as similar to yoga in that “Core60 offers bendy-bodied fun in a toasty room heated to 97-100 degrees” (exactly like our other classes), but this time, “classes are more intent on developing core strength and muscle tone,” and the benefits are huge. She tells us that “Core60 aids in detoxification, and it will give your body an immune boost. All the stretching promotes healthy connective tissues, and Hot Pilates can definitely result in weight loss. You’ll build more muscle, which burns more fat and breaks down glucose.”

“I’m excited about this class because it’s so much fun! We move. We work. We sweat. We laugh. We get pushed to our limits. We listen to upbeat music and it makes you feel completely ALIVE!” Kym says.

Make this week’s intention to Try Something New. Change up the usual routine with our new Core60 class. This is an all-levels class that works for everyone. If you get tired, Kym will let you know that it’s fine to take a break on your mat and rejoin when you’re ready. She says it’s completely okay to make modifications to suit your body and fitness level. Most of us will be new to this, so no judgment!

The Yoga Joint’s Core60 class is the same price as our yoga classes and is included in all class packages. Come exactly as you’d come to yoga. Bring your mat, a towel, and water. Don’t have that? No problem. We provide mat and towel rentals, and plenty of bottled water. As always, make sure you come to class well hydrated.

We cannot wait to see you at Core60. It’s going to be a good time with great energy!

Core60 Classes are available at all Yoga Joint Studios. Visit our schedule to find out more information.