Our Online Affiliate Program

Grow, Support & Inspire With Our Online Affiliate Program

At Yoga Joint, we understand that no matter how dedicated you are, it’s not easy to grow a business (or a community) on your own. That’s why we’ve created our online Affiliate Program. This program offers like-minded souls an opportunity to garner valuable revenue and boost business while simultaneously developing a partnership with a supportive, established health & fitness community.

Industry Leading Commissions

10% per new online membership.

Bonus Programs

Top performers unlock bonus and commission offers.

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By joining our exuberant community of loyal health and fitness enthusiasts you can generate additional revenue by sharing our online on-demand classes.

At Yoga Joint, everything we do is for the benefit of helping our students create the shift they want and need to live better, more healthy lives. Our Online Affiliate Program is designed to assist those who share in this lifestyle and wish to share it while generating more revenue for small businesses.

Based on a per-sale basis for sign-ups, the Yoga Joint Online Affiliate Program is open to individuals and businesses all over the world free of charge.

Sign up today to begin seeing the benefits of what a global network can do for you.

How it works.

After signing up to become a Yoga Joint Online Brand Affiliate, we will provide you with a robust marketing package that includes a unique Affiliate link to assist in promoting our on-demand classes to your network. This marketing collateral can be used across all platforms — be it your website, social media channels, or email list.

As a Yoga Joint Online Brand Affiliate your unique link is key to your success. This link contains a tracking code (also known as a cookie) that is activated on the browser of any visitor who clicks on it, and, if the visitor decides to place an order, it registers as your sale.

Earn a commission of 10% for each student referral and receive payment via PayPal once your account reaches a total of $100. Your Affiliate account makes it easy to track each sale that originates from one of your channels while providing a clear system to tally your total sales.